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Silverspun Sun Chieftan

Duncan at Christmastime

Duncan and Steven at Christmas

Duncan, the newest member of the Terrier Tribe, has been growing like crazy since his October 1999 arrival. For comparison, check out this picture of Duncan with his Dad on the day Duncan came home. Wait till you finish this page, though.

This is Duncan getting ready to make a call. He's discovered that he can get lots of interesting noises from the phone by knocking the handset off or pushing the voicemail buttons with his chin. Duncan on the phone
Duncan lounging in the Terrier Tribe home on the range Finally, here is Duncan waiting to be walked while Nicky is being groomed before a recent show. Duncan is nearing show age, and he (and his Dad!) are in training as we look forward to his debut.

Duncan the Skye Terrorist

No one said it would be easy.

We came home with bags of groceries. Do you see where this is going? The phone rang. We were expecting a call, so we ran to answer. Figured it out yet? It was the call we expected, and we spoke for about ten minutes. When we came back Duncan had done a little shopping of his own. He had rummaged around in the bags on the floor (our fault) and helped himself to a carton of organic eggs purchased especially for Christmas cake. You know how hard it is to get eggs out of carpet? We do.

He also found a bag of nylon net with cherry tomatoes in it. He squished the tomatoes into a nice pulp and sucked the juice out through the netting.

Later the little devil-boy, er, darling found a twelve-pack of seltzer water and pulled a can out to play with. In short order he bit several holes in it and ran though the house while the seltzer squirted out the sides, leaving a wet and slightly fizzy trail.

We always put bells on the bottom of the Christmas tree. Lots of bells. When you have dogs, especially terriers, you need all the warning you can get. Duncan walked under the tree a few times and got the expected ringing. It didn't really deter him, but at least we knew he was there. We also put crocheted snowflakes on the tree. They don't make noise; we just like them. Anyway, Duncan sat and watched the tree for a while, then walked over and sniffed at the snowflakes. He tasted one, gently. He gave it a little tug, to see if it would come off. It wouldn't, so he gave it a big yank, which set off every bell on the tree. He sat down with a startled look, and slowly turned to face us. He had the biggest grin I've ever seen on a dog, and his tail was beating the floor like a beaver slapping out a warning. He didn't do it again, but you could tell that he was really pleased with himself, and he eyed that snowflake every time he walked by until we took the tree down on New Year's Day.

No one said it would be this much fun, either!