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Silverspun Sun Chieftan

Duncan in the Snow ...1999/2000

Duncan playing in the snow, February 2000

This was Duncan's first winter, of course, and the New Hampshire weather gave him plenty of snow to play in. Duncan still likes to climb to the top of the snow piles in the back yard and perch there.

I thought this one would be out of focus; as soon as he saw me kneel to take the picture Duncan ran toward me.

Duncan atop a pile of snow, February 2000
  Duncan walking in the snow, February 2000

Amazingly, I caught Duncan with his mouth shut. From his vantage point here atop a snow pile, he had been barking at the others for several minutes, warning them that he is now the Snow King.

On his way across the back yard Duncan shows his fine Skye form, despite the pound or two of snow stuck to his chest and legs. The snow required a dunk in the tub to melt it away.

Duncan seems to have someplace to go, February 2000