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Ch. Seamist Joyful Noise

the Nose Joke

You think dogs don't have a sense of humor? Nicky has a favorite joke.

the Show Picture

Nicky is also a show dog, and you can find a show picture here.


Here are some shots of our Nicky: Ch. Seamist Joyful Noise, that is, and let me tell you he takes his name very seriously:-). They were taken while visiting Steve and Elaine Hersey at Seamist Skyes. In these pictures he's almost 11 months old. Here he's waiting for his Mom to come outside.

picture of Nicky
Nicky posing for Steve Hersey.  
picture of Nicky
Mom's gotta be in there!  
picture of Nicky

Nicky's Kin

Nicky's family is here with the Terrier Tribe, of course, but when he was a wee lad he lived at Seamist Skyes with his mother and littermates , at the eastern edge of the western land...