Nick has a favorite joke.   It's really more of a prank he plays, but it always makes him laugh, so we think it must be his idea of a joke.

He starts by licking your face.   I mean, he really licks your face, so that you close your eyes and hold your breath, and hope you can get through this with skin left.

Terriers usually have a good sense of humor, but they often have their own ideas about what’s funny.

Then he stops.

For a few seconds you don’t even realize he stopped; then you think whew, I made it, so you open your eyes to tell him he’s a good boy and WHAM! he has your nose in the corner of that cavernous, tooth-filled mouth and you almost fall over backwards, sure that his powerful vermin-crushing jaws have removed the middle part of your face.

Your heart pounds for a few seconds, then you realize that you’ve still got your nose on, that he just honked your nose, that he just tagged you, not a real bite at all.  When you look at him, astonished, you see that he’s got that goofy ear-to-ear grin thing going, and his eyes are lit up and his head is turned slightly to one side, to see if you know that you’ve been had, to see if you’re laughing too.

And that’s Nicky’s nose joke.